Product Overview




  • Soften that harsh sunlight. Fabric vanes suspended between two sheer panels tilt to brighten up or dim down your environment.
  • Wonderfully wide for larger windows and doors. Up to 120″ wide, in fact. Stay in proportion with three vane sizes to suit the scale of your windows.
  • Much less hassle than adding a skylight. The unique s-shaped vanes capture more light, illuminating a magically even glow deep within your room.
  • Drink in the view. When raised, the shading completely disappears into the headrail. When lowered, the magnificent outdoors remains in sight with no distracting lift cords.
  • Maximize your privacy. During the day, you can see out, but no one can see in. At night, close the vanes and voila… privacy assured.


  • Scale it up with 3 ½” vertical vanes. The look of soft drapes with the adjustability of blinds.
  • Complement your horizontal windows by coordinating them with vertical sliding glass doors. Style 101.
  • Rotate the vanes to maximize the view or minimize the light.
  • Guard against UV damage. Your furniture and floors will thank you.

“Anti-moire.” What is that?

“Moire” defined: fabric with a wavy appearance. Our fabrics are uniquely designed so that at any angle the view is virtually clear of any distortion usually found when sheer fabrics are layered. Sheer brilliance.


Colors & Fabrics

Available Color Families

These colors come in 122 swatches – one that’s perfect for your windows. Please contact me to see samples.

Design Options

    • Fabric-Covered Headrail

      For the ultimate consistency in design, our optional fabric-covered headrail will provide a seamless blend from top to bottom.

    • Two-on-One Headrail

      Keep large spans of windows looking clean and uniform by putting two shades on one continuous headrail. While they look like one shade, they operate independently.

    • Tilt-Only

      Narrow windows? No worries. Our Tilt Only option covers narrow windows and sidelights beautifully.