Product Overview


  • Our custom collection includes textured or smooth vinyls, snappy S-Curve vanes, and fantastic fabrics making your window a very tactile affair.
  • Block out the light or block out the neighbors with the twist of a wand.
  • Choose from a variety of light-filtering fabrics for a gentle ambiance or insert into groovers and that same beautiful textile does double-duty as a blackout.
  • Create – or accentuate – the sense of height for sliding glass doors or beautifully broad windows.
  • Incredibly easy-to-maintain vinyl selections mean fewer tasks and more time for… other stuff.

ahead of the curve

The interlocking design of S-Curve vanes not only suggests the fluid look of draperies, but helps keep both the room and your budget at more comfortable levels. Very cool.

Colors & Fabrics


The collection of smooth and textured vinyls, delicious curves and rich weaves offers something for everyone. Tone on tone textures, beautiful color combos, and simple hues make for soaring style in the home.

Available Color Families

These colors come in 191 swatches – one that’s perfect for your windows. Please contact me to see samples.

Control Options

  • Cordless and convenient, singular and safe. The Safety Wand operates Vertical Blinds with a tug or a twist of the wrist.

    • Standard Chain & Cord Control

      This traditional option comes with a chain to rotate vanes open and closed, and a cord – secured to the wall for safety – that moves the blinds side-to-side across the windows.

    • Safety Wand

      Draw your blinds open or closed or tilt the vanes using a wand. It’s a child-safe alternative to the standard chain and cord control.

Design Options

    • Free Hang

      For a look that allows light to gently filter through the vanes, opt for free hang fabric. Sealed-in weights help vanes hang clean and consistent.

    • Insert Groovers

      Fabrics inserted into groovers maintain a soft look while increasing energy efficiency and opacity and providing a neutral appearance to the outside.

    • Stacking

      Open the blinds in the middle and stack vanes on both the left and right sides. Or opt for a left or right stack to accommodate door opening or furnishings.