Barbara has done several projects for me in 2 different homes. First, she made these beautiful linen panels for my master bedroom in my Alpharetta home. They were so beautiful, I wanted to use them in my new home in Virginia Highlands. Of course, all best-laid plans have a way of backfiring. The curtains were 10 inches too short for my new home. So with the help of my designer, Barbara took extra material from some unused panels and lengthened the old ones to fit in my new master bedroom. They came out perfectly. You would never know they weren’t originally designed to have the extra length. I love them!!

I was so impressed, I asked her to make a couple of throw pillows and matching table runner for my kitchen table. They too came out stunningly and are a nice touch to my open family room concept.

Not only is her sewing skills amazing, she is a professional. She was easy to work with. She follows up and makes sure she is giving you exactly what you want and in a timely manner. I highly recommend her for any of your custom sewing needs to make your home beautiful.